TAFFC: Que Sera Sera Profiles

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TAFFC: Que Sera Sera Profiles

Post by Tyler Durden on Sat Jun 08, 2013 9:39 pm

Name: Dorian Shaddix
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: He's tall, has medium-length perfect brown and a pale bronze to his skin, with brilliant iridescent blue eyes. His wardrobe is sophisticated, classy, and always in season, but on days when he gives no fucks - most school days - he wears v-necks and some sort of skinny jeans, sometimes with a jacket to match. He's just as handsome as Mag, but is less noticed due to his ability to almost blend into a crowd and go without being seen.
Powers: Telekenisis, subconscious control.
Abilities: Very charming, very perceptive, and hard to deceive.
Equipment: Knife, brass knuckles, and handgun gifted to him by his father and affectionately christened the 'Choi du Jour' (Choice of the Day in French).
Personality: He's very creative, with skills in several instruments and a great singing voice. He's a smart kid who makes A grades without even trying, but the only thing holding him back from the academic peak is the fact that he clearly doesn't give a crap. He's very kind, quirky, and funny, gaining respect from everybody for his inability to be bought or bribed to one particular side.
Bio:Dorian was born into a fairly decent life, living with a family who cared for him deeply. He skated through life with charm, wit, and no small amount of talent. Now, as he enters sophomore year, he finally has to cast his gaze to the future to decide what kind of life he wants for himself.

Name: Desdemona Taylor
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Appearance: Desdemona is a drop dead beauty: she sports a sharp with long, brunette hair with blue highlights, a pale complexion, and deep blue eyes, and her tall, thin, yet developed frame is the envy of most of the female population. Despite this, her taste in clothing could be considered rather "emo," and for this she is sometimes avoided by certain males.
Powers: Intimidation, weird powers of perception, precognition, and empathy. Could probably be a psychic super soldier if those existed.
Abilities: Scares the fuck out of everyone.
Equipment: None
Personality: Desdemona's creepy as shit at first glance. She speaks to plants, she walks by herself all the time, and she talks to her iPod; despite this, once you get to know her, she's an invaluable voice of reason, has a wit as sharp as a battleaxe, and, surprisingly enough, an empathetic and friendly heart.
Bio: Desdemona was always the weird kid. From an early age, she was different: always playing by herself, writing poetry and stories that would later come true, and generally just creeping her classmates out. As she grew, this pattern persisted and grew until her junior year in high school, which, coincidentally, is the current day. She generally keeps to herself unless absolutely necessary, especially during classes, which is why people rarely notice her, but she's a great companion on any pranks or plots you might be concocting...

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Re: TAFFC: Que Sera Sera Profiles

Post by W#1D on Sat Jun 08, 2013 10:46 pm

Name: Siegfried Aurelius
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: 185 cm and lean as it gets, Siegfried cuts a scarecrow's silhouette. He has a firm jaw, wide eyes of blue, and a slight mane of brown hair, but possesses an introverted demeanor that keeps him unassuming instead of plainly handsome. His complexion is lightly tanned at darkest and mainly fair. He makes an effort to dress respectably on all occasions and is therefore found most often in business casual outfits primarily colored white, including trousers, formal shoes, and buttoned shirt. Siegfried is also short-sighted and therefore wears Google glasses to correct his vision. Overall, he is the picture of a dignified and unassuming--if nerdy--young man.
Powers: Aurelius has the magic-granted ability to manipulate time on a personal level, a subset of chronokinesis called Facilitate. He can accelerate or decelerate himself in time. Since he is not actually using a power enhancing speed in Facilitation, his senses remain as perceptive as ever when using this power, but he lacks the ability to increase the movement of objects except those which he moves.
He also has the magic specialization of Simulate. Simulation is the process of structural analysis and replication at an extreme level. By making physical contact with an inanimate object, in a period of time proportionate to its size and complexity, he can memorize the 'schematic' of that object. He can then reproduce that schematic's object from surrounding matter instantaneously. Simulation is primarily limited in that he can't analyze and memorize the structure of anything larger than a small vehicle and that it becomes increasingly less efficient the further away from him he recreates schematics or keeps them in existence.
His final spellcasting specialty is Temper, the ability to increase the traits or 'aspects' of things. He can make any or all parts of an inanimate object or consenting being increase in one aspect. An example would be making a sword sharper; he could similarly make a person's hearing more acute.
His powers have major drawbacks.
Facilitate, when stopped, damages his body according to how much it was accelerated or decelerated in time and for how long as the opposite reaction to all his tissue moving so unnaturally; he is forced to limit it to quick bursts or risk damage larger than several ruptured blood vessels.
Simulate is akin to physical exercise. Its usage burns calories proportionate to the size of the schematics he reproduces. As well, structural analysis and memorization takes up a large degree of memory. He moves gradually closer to a fragmented mind every time he obtains a schematic. Simulation also doesn't provide him with skill required to wield any copied weapons.
All Temper must also obey the law of Equivalent Exchange. For each increase of one aspect of a thing, another is decreased. Increasing his own eyesight's accuracy might make his eyes lose all their motion. And all Temper is permanent. He can't undo any of these changes regardless of their drawbacks.
Abilities: Aptitude for both intuition and conventional rationality. He's methodical and analytic to a fault. As well, he can be diplomatic when he needs to, having learned the great art of politicking from many a game of Risk.
Equipment: Nerd supplies. That is to say, he perpetually carries a bag of assorted dice and a miniature chess board, as well as several slips of paper and a pen and pencil, in case he wishes to engage in 'nerd activities'. He also carries a wallet containing 500 USD at all times. Apart from these and his attire (glasses included), however, Aurelius is unequipped.
Personality: Private, logical, introspective. Siegfried takes a conservative approach to relationships and nearly all other parts of life. He rarely speaks to most people, and when he does, the conversations tend to be professional. He is cordial with fellow gamers and intellectuals. Yet Aurelius' reserve only falls in the company of his few true friends, who are the only people to whom he reveals his inner self's concern for the world around him and a terrible propensity for cringe-worth humor. He is often pondering one thing or another, even in the midst of studies or a difficult game, yet earns consistently high grades and has a high win-loss ratio.
Bio: Siegfried was born into a large family of mages and quickly learned that if he was to succeed at anything in life, he'd have to fight for that success against a varied competition. He decided to gain some variety to fight fire with fire, arming himself with the three magics of Facilitate, Simulate, and Temper as well as practical knowledge of self-defense. Aurelius put himself into a vigorous regimen of studying and working in order to accumulate further wealth and knowledge several years ago. He has just entered sophomore year of high school at the age of 16 and reigns as President of the Chess and Model UN Teams.

Name: Naara Jones
Gender: Female
Species: Nephilim
Appearance: All 166 centimeters of goddess. 'Divine' is the word that springs to mind upon first sight of Naara, both because of beauty and because of the unnatural and brilliant aura she exudes that keeps that beauty from being contested. Her eyes are wide and a deep hazel. Her hair is long and lustrous gold. Jones' complexion and physique are both healthy, luminescent and slender, respectively. She acts with a feline poise in all things. Naara most often dresses casually in short shorts and a v-neck. As formal attire, she most often wears a continental suit, shirt, tie, and Oxfords.
Powers: Due to the nature of her race, Naara has several inherent powers. She is physically superior to a human in acuity of senses and efficiency of body. She has an affinity for the Light element that gives her 'spells' related to Light without any restrictions. And she has inhuman psionic prowess, allowing her great telekinesis/telepathy/etc, as well as her thought-presence's aura that intimidates lesser beings.
Abilities: Sharp, creative, perceptive, and efficient to an inhuman degree.
Equipment: Nothing but her clothes.
Personality: Cynical towards life. Apathetic towards those she deems irrelevant. Concerned solely for like-minded individuals.
Bio: Jones was born into a dysfunctional family constantly engaged in conflict. She quickly raced through education and assumed the title of Psionics teacher at the TAFFC high school at the age of 16 human years.

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Re: TAFFC: Que Sera Sera Profiles

Post by Jetstream Sam on Sun Jun 09, 2013 12:11 am

Name: Jolek Highwind
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: Tallish, close to six feet. A large portion of it is toned muscle, which he owes to a lifetime of training in the martial arts. Carries himself with a certain easygoing confidence, and his cool, forest-colored eyes hold a certain calm friendliness to them. Face-wise, he's no Mag or Dorian, but he is by no means ugly. A tad above average, you might say.
Powers: Like most members of his family, he has a personal anti-magic field around his body of sorts, negating the effects of magical attack or indeed healing when applied to him. As such, he is a wary man. This, however leads to an interesting conflict with the other power of his family: something they've come to call Frost Touch.When his hands contact something, he can voluntarily lower their temperature to the point where some have been known to dip their fingers in the water to cross lakes. A very strange dichotomy this lineage posesses.
Abilities: As a longtime trainee of the mixed martial arts, Jolek posesses a keen knowledge of hand-to-hand combat, and has a generally high level of physical fitness all around thanks to it. In addition, he has another thing going for him: a fairly stable head on his shoulders. All too rare in this school. Also the based cook of the power trio. You want Alfredo? He makes some bitchin' alfredo.
Equipment: The clothes on his back and his brain.
Personality: He is normally a calm, friendly young man, willing to talk with nearly anyone. Around his friends, though, he is somewhat of a snarky joker with a slight mischievous streak and a definite protective one.
Bio: Jolek's a good kid, who's had a good life and good friends growing up. Staying on top of his grades isn't the hardest task for him, and he enjoys spending time with his friends in his free time, be it in person, online, or whatever. Still unknowing of his clan's Frost Touch, he has a fairly interested view on magic, and why it does not affect him. Given the widespread unnatural powers at his school, he's something of an oddity in his normality. For now, anyway.

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Re: TAFFC: Que Sera Sera Profiles

Post by Chris Christie on Sun Jun 09, 2013 11:03 am

Name: Kane Furrows

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Appearance: Kane is average height and trim. His skin is a light, copper-tinged tan (Japanese mother, mulatto father). His eyes are brown. He has short black hair that grows into curls when it's not touched, but he generally keeps his hair cut short. Kane is a plain-looking individual, partially because his fashion choices consist almost entirely of jeans and a T-shirt.

Powers: Increased thinking capacity; ESP (he can sense electrical sources, such as those traveling through a human body -- this power comes from his parents being members of the WARLOCK program).

Abilities: Kane is fast, but his strength is about average. In his old neighborhood, he would be caught occasionally in fights; though he lost most of the time, he now has a faint idea of how to brawl and above average endurance.

Equipment: A laser pen whose laser is strong enough to burn through skin after prolonged exposure; an MP3 player; a laptop, which he carries in his backpack.

Personality: First and foremost, Kane's a geek. He likes the subjects math and science but is a good student overall. He seems to have been born with an affinity for science fiction: He primarily likes the TV shows Mythbusters, Nova, and Firefly; his favorite authors are Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke; and he himself writes small sci-fi stories and poems. His favorite band (naturally) is Muse.

Kane doesn't curse much and is generally outgoing if not very garrulous. He is not a ladies' man (make that NOT a ladies' man), which probably explains why he is single.

Bio: Having just turned sixteen, Kane is entering a new school in the middle of his sophomore year: His mom died when he was ten and his dad when he was fifteen, so he had to move in with his aunt. He doesn't know his parents were members of the WARLOCK program and so doesn't realize his full potential.

* * *

(NOTE: Below character subject to editing before introduction into Fight Club.)

Name: Corinthia Annabelle Lancaster

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Appearance: Corinthia is about 5'6" and slim. Her hair, straight and very dark brown, is parted on her right and grows to just above her collarbone. She has a round face, wide smile, white teeth, emerald irises, and a few faint pimples on her cheeks. She wears either little or no makeup, figuring it doesn't much improve her appearance. Her outfits consist of skinny jeans, a striped shirt or one with a low-key design, short boots, and often a jacket or hoodie, sometimes a scarf. Corinthia is also often seen wearing ear buds and nodding to her feet in time with a song. (An approximation of her appearance.)

Powers: Eidetic memory, especially pertaining to audio, and the ability to repeat almost exactly whatever sounds she hears.

Abilities: Above-average flexibility, guitar (good) and vocal (much better) skills, and the uncanny ability to discern indie rock from alternative rock.

Equipment: A white iPod Touch and matching ear buds.

Personality: Corin is a reserved character. She rarely speaks unless spoken to, and when she isn't spoken to, she tends to drift off into her own world of poetry and melody. She's a bookworm and avid music listener, especially in the realm of indie music (her favorite bands are Death Cab for Cutie, The National, Radiohead, and Eisley), though she also enjoys classical artists such as Mozart and Rachmaninoff.

Bio: Corinthia, or "Corin" as she's often called, is little more than your typical sixteen-year-old girl: She most loves the subjects English and Art, is picky about her appearance, and likes technology perhaps a little too much. She used to be Catholic due to her parents but has settled on agnostic, though she retains good relations with her very Christian parents and some moralistic tendencies. High school isn't her favorite place to be, but at least she's getting good grades and isn't picked on.

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Re: TAFFC: Que Sera Sera Profiles

Post by Dovydas the Nerevarine on Sun Jun 09, 2013 1:28 pm

As some of you may know, I'm a lazy ass, so I'll just repost the old profiles.

Name: Maglod Balchar
Gender: Male
Species: Half-elven
Age: 16
Appearance: Tall, lanky, with a slightly pointed face he inherited from his elven mother, emerald green eyes and long dark hair.
Tools, weapons, equipment: A falchion and a rifle rather reminiscent of this, the first forged by a friend and the other a gift left by his deceased father.
Abilities: Quick, talented with blades.
Biography, Personality, and Other: Maglod grew up without a father. When he was barely 2 years old, his human father was called away to fight against a terrorist group in the distant country of Fahranzit. However, on one skirmish with the terrorists, his father was slain. He asked, in his last breath, of a friend that he would take his rifle and give it to his son.

Name: Shiarra Calenduir
Gender: Female
Species: Elven
Age: 16
Appearance: Disproportionately... shall we say... well-developed for her age. Only slightly less tall than Maglod, with hair the color of dark amber.
Tools, weapons, equipment: A pen and a book. Mostly. And, of course, her boobs, therefore rendering any other tools completely useless.
Abilities: Shiarra is a student of magic. As one of the few children who were born with the gift of magic, she goes to extra classes at school, where she studies the use of magic. Thus, she has access to a limited arsenal of spells, mostly concerned with healing.
Biography, Personality, and Other: Being born with the gift of magic in an elven family outside speciesally elven lands is considered an honor and a great duty to the preservation of elven culture in foreign territories and so on and so on. Bunch of crap about how you've got a great gift from the gods and you should learn to use it well. Filled from the very youth with these ideas, Shiarra rarely thinks of even threatening their monolithic imposition on her life. She studies virtually all her free time just to make her parents proud.

She's a pretty shy person until you get to know her well, but then, she becomes rather energetic and chirpy. Not too many people bother, though.

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Buncha Qtees Here Look At 'Em <3

Post by Glitter Pixie on Sun Jun 09, 2013 2:22 pm

Name: Megan Frost
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Though not what people will tell you if asked...)
Appearance: Just below average in terms of height, Megan is athletically built, as the result of some extra curricular martial arts classes that she really didn't want to take.  Has a pale complexion, quite startlingly so, with white, silvery hair that falls down just over her angled, almost cyan eyes.  Her features are sharp, though not gaunt, just enough to be noticeable.  Generally wears a black and white striped sweater along with a pair of studded black jeans.  Almost always has a pair of black over ear headphones decorated with an eye-searingly-pink skull.  Her only real concession to style is a streak of midnight black dye in her hair.
Powers: Megan has a somewhat fascinating ability to convert matter and energy into digital information, as well as turn digital information into physical matter and energy.  She can manipulate the flow of digital information, giving her a level of technopathy, as well as having a great affinity for computers and such.  She can store data from converted material to be transferred back to reality at another time.
Abilities: Athletically gifted, she's a whole heck of a lot stronger than she looks, and generally outperforms most people in terms of physical abilities.  It's worth noting that she's quite good at staying unnoticed, or blending in with a crowd. Has an affinity with video games.
Equipment: MP3 player with expanded memory, gum, scarf.
Personality: Megan is aloof, quiet, and not really one to speak up in most situations.  She'd much rather keep to herself than go and "socially interact" with other living things.  Generally comes off as cold and introvertive at best.  Not so much shy as she just doesn't go out of her way to talk with someone.  She's also smart.  Creepily so, having an extraordinary memory that's probably the result of her somewhat unique powers.  The only thing is that she doesn't really devote it to anything else besides music, videogames, and random anime facts that really don't impact anyone.  This, along with her distant personality, may or may not have started a rumor that she's actually a secret government cyborg sent to keep watch over the high school populace.
Bio: Megan grew up with her father, who despite his best efforts, generally wasn't around much.  She herself didn't mind much, preferring to be alone anyway.  As an excellent student, she got top grades throughout school, and raises the question of whether anything lower than an "A+" is actually physically possible for her to get.  Doesn't really have any sort of direction, really taking whatever classes interest her.  Stays away from most sports, despite her physical abilities.

Name: Alyia A. Marcus
Gender: Female
Species: Kitsune
Appearance: Loud.  As good a descriptor as any when it comes to her appearance.  Alyia stands tall enough to look most of the male population of the school in the eyes, usually with her own, startlingly heterochromatic gaze.  While not build particularly large nor overly athletic, she still cuts an impressive figure in the particular yes-my-eye-are-indeed-up-here way.  Her complexion is a dark russet covered by a veil of freckles that fall just below her almond-shaped eyes and across the bridge of her nose.  As stated, Alyia's eyes aren't exactly what could be called normal, most notably the fact that they are a bright, bright, golden yellow shot through with blotches of orange, this color scheme reversed for her left eye.  Of course, the unnatural color is overshadowed by the mess of short, thick hair with twin, disproportionally long locks that frame her angled features, which, not all that unexpectedly is a fiery crimson shot through and tipped with a midnight black.  Yes, she does have the ears and no people generally don't know about them given her tendency towards hats and hoodies.  Otherwise, Alyia is generally seen wearing equally visually obnoxious skirts and is inseparable from a pair of suitably worn combat boots.  No, we do not discuss what the skirt hides either.
Powers: Alyia has the ability to manipulate the size of the smallest quanta that energy can exist as, causing her macroscopic form to behave like those on the smallest scales.  Which, basically means that she can do things like emit light and move pretty friggin' fast.  It's not technically magic, but it might as well be.  Yes she is a fox.  Thankfully misfortune doesn't seem like part of the package, though.
Abilities: Talking faster than you.  Moving faster than you.  Not dealing with any of your shit.  Not being required to deal with any of your shit.
Equipment: Sharpie markers, weapons-grade military boots.
Personality: Coinciding with her choice of wear and looks, Alyia is quite naturally loud and expressive.  She's got a big personality that normally projects itself out in an unapologetic and uncompromising way.
Bio: She's a mythical fox with powers over quantum mechanics attending a highschool.  It's going to take more than the space provided to explain that away.  The more important part is that since enrolling, Alyia has taken a keen interest in the well-being of her academic career, and unlike most of the other highly intelligent students that attend, does actually give a shit about things such as grades and has the motivation to generally get that paper due five days from the date from which it was assigned done six days in advance.  This, after a short power struggle that nearly ended up with the opposing side phased seven feet through the football field, lead to her becoming president of the student council, a position that she's taken to heart.  Which then possibly migrated North for the Summer to her head.

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Re: TAFFC: Que Sera Sera Profiles

Post by The Fourteenth Doctor on Sun Jun 09, 2013 4:54 pm

Name/Alias: Blaze Summer
True name: Elena Sunfire
Gender: Female
Species: Highborn Fae (human scale faeries with a few extra powers)
Appearance: Blaze, like other highborn, is beyond what a human could hope to achieve. Unlike her winter counterparts, however, she seems very approachable, like a girl you've known all your life but just realized she's a knockout. Her eyes are an extremely vivid green, her skin tan. One might say she's very well proportioned, about 5'6 in height. Her shoulder length straight hair is blonde, turning to a vivid red-orange near the end. She normally wears tight jeans/denim shorts and a well fitting t-shirt or a tank top. Blaze goes barefoot when she can, though that's not normally an option in high school. Normally she wears flip-flops or tennis shoes.
Powers: She's an extremely experienced pryokinetic, one of the very few of her kind able to control such a volatile element. Any promise made to a Highborn will either be kept or work out in favor of the Fae, but in exchange any promise she makes she has to keep.
Abilities: Quick, strong of will. Good cook due to connection to the Land and heat.
Equipment: Journal.
Personality: Blaze is a very warm person. She likes meeting new people almost as much as being out in nature, and is friendly to nearly everyone. Is almost always happy, but she has a dark side: It takes a lot to get her angry, but when she does she flares hot and destructive.
Bio: Elena was sheltered as a child, doing almost nothing but training and learning about Earth. She escaped at age 13, found on the street and adopted by a nice couple. That was four years ago. Due to a mishap with pyrokinesis and promises, she was transferred.

Name: Luke Rewan
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: Luke is handsome, to be sure. Light brown hair, about 6'1" and strong looking. The strange bit is his dark brown eyes. Something seems just a bit off, like he's seen some kinda cosmic joke and didn't come away the same.
Powers: Extreme resistance to supernatural powers, particularly mental invasions.
Abilities: Not much out of the ordinary for a guy his age, apart from being excellent at anything partially illogical, like language.
Personality: Luke has a constant, slight good mood, which is extremely hard to destroy.
Bio: What exactly happened 5 years ago, when Luke was 12, is not known. But something shifted him from being borderline depressed to always slightly amused...

He's been in this school district for years.

Name: None, but goes by Karrie.
Gender: Female
Species: Anthropomorphic personification of karma. Particularly, Abraham's.
Appearance: Karrie is probably one of the luckiest girls in the world, for obvious reasons. Very well developed, beautiful face, shoulder length wavy black hair. Blue eyes that look like they can see your soul. None of that really matters much, being as Abraham is the only one who can see, hear, and feel her. Others can feel her influence through changes in probability, though she can really only alter Abraham's.
Powers: Control over minor and slightly major events in Abraham's life. She can't force someone to run into his way, but she can kick books into his path to make him trip.

Whatever girl is there for him to fall into is mere opportunity.

Teleportation, but only within a plausible radius of Abraham.
Skills: Not really any that are applicable.
Personality: Karrie is normally in a bad mood, though she gets nicer the more fun she has.

Unfortunately, her idea of fun is messing with Abraham.
Bio: Karrie is a small part of the actual concept, created after an incident when Abraham basically insulted the entire universe. He started thinking of Karma as a person, and poof, Karrie existed.

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Re: TAFFC: Que Sera Sera Profiles

Post by The Snarkily Glorious on Sun Jun 09, 2013 9:46 pm

Name: Abraham Smith
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Species: Human, despite what some would say.
Appearance: Abraham is of roughly average height with dark brown hair, and hazel eyes that have annoyed him his entire life with their inability to pick a color and stay that way. He has a slightly athletic build, indicating a reasonable level of fitness. Which is more or less what he possesses. Rectangular glasses are eternally perched halfway down his nose, despite his attempts to keep them in proper alignment. He tends to dress in nondescript jeans, accompanied with tshirts bearing various witticisms.
Abilities: Abraham's sole real ability is somehow surviving and coping with the utter chaos around him. He almost magically evades severe injury or pain, and has a mind that seems to indicate the level of a genius, if he could be bothered to make use of it. However, despite his reasonable abilities, Abraham is very, very unlucky. And when I say unlucky, I do not mean "Oh, drat. I dropped my phone in the toilet." I mean that the laws of the world will actively do their best to make his life hell, be it through pain, or humiliation. It is as if karma incarnate chooses to flick him the middle finger at every possible opportunity.
Bio: Abraham has earned a reputation around the school. In fact, he earned this reputation within a week of arriving. He is thought by many to be some kind of superhuman monster, due to his occasional bouts of extraordinary luck and skill, and his ability to somehow ace every class he takes. However, he is also known as a walking danger zone, due to his almost constant bad luck. Guys and girls alike avoid him like the plague during his downspells, and crowd around him during his luck's upswing in the hopes of being present for something extraordinary.

Overall, it really, really messes with his schedule of watching anime, Firefly, Buffy, Star Trek marathons, and whatever else he can find.

Name: Rebekah Fell
Age: 17-18 (Date of birth uncertain)
Species: Human, modified.
Gender: Female
Appearance: Rebekah always seems to be the tallest person in the room, but it has little to do with her actual height (5'8"). Rather, it has to do with the fact that she stands with ramrod straight posture, with an almost militaristic bearing. Actually, with an eerily militaristic bearing. Her black hair falls down to roughly halfway down her back, maintained in a manner that is practical, but hardly stylish. She has a subtly athletic build, though it is further hidden by her choice of clothes. She tends to wear jeans and darkly colored shirts, accompanied by a waist length, trench coat-esque garment in colder weather. Her sneakers are utilitarian, with a brand that no one seems to have ever heard of. Her face is typically set in a deadpan expression, stoicism at its very height. The most unusual portion of her appearance however, is her eyes. A deep violet naturally, she will occasionally wear colored contacts to disguise their actual appearance. Oddly, her left contact seems to be slightly more opaque than the other. On the days that she does not wear her contacts, a black fabric patch covers her left eye. The sole accessory she wears without fail is a small pin, a pair of silver wings, on the left side of her shirt.
Abilities: For reasons unknown (Translation: Reasons that will be explained), Rebekah is at the height of human fitness. In reflexes, endurance, and strength, she can match the school's top athletes with ease. However, her abilities are just that; human.
Equipment: Rebekah has an odd propensity for carrying, and wielding, firearms. At any one time, if the teachers haven't patted her down to ensure that she is unarmed, she could be carrying anything from a single pistol to three hidden on her person.
Bio: Rebekah transferred to the school exactly one day before the term began. However, one thing was immediately noted as odd; despite being enrolled as a junior, there is no prior school listed on her transcript. Nor are there any parental contacts, date of birth, nothing. The sole contact information on file, when dialed, is answered by one "General Groves". In short, there is no record of her prior existence. Nor is she forthcoming with information, though no one has exactly dared to ask as of yet.

Name: Liara (Surname Unknown)
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Appearance: Clocking in at just under six feet tall, Liara is… Immediately noticeable. Largely due to two primary reasons, but a third provides a secondary point. Brunette hair extends to about her shoulders, framing a pretty and mischievous face. Bright blue eyes are set above a perpetual half-smirk, though the expression is good-natured more often than not. She possesses an exceptionally developed form, one usually clad in t-shirts and jeans, though shorts are from from unheard of on exceptionally warm days. Liara usually carries a small backpack, just large enough to sling over one shoulder and carry her books.
Powers: For reasons unknown, Liara does have access to modest degree of magical power. Most of it is channeled through incantations, though a few tricks she can manage (albeit in a weaker form) without them. These mostly come in the form of low-level elemental tricks (she’s fond of minor shocks), but she doesn’t use them very often.
Abilities: Liara has a very compelling personality. Social assets aside, she possesses an above average degree of medical knowledge, and overall possesses a sharp mind, accompanied by an equal wit. She is physically fit, though athletics aren’t her speed.
Equipment: Backpack containing schoolbooks, notebooks, pens, and a small first aid kit.
Personality: Snarky, teasing, and mischievous are probably some of the first words that spring to mind. After one gets past the obvious. She can also be a little lazy, but at the end of the day she is well meaning and even caring for the people she considers friends.
Bio: Liara’s childhood was exceptionally normal, barring, well, magic. She found out about her potential when she was ten, but it was never very critical in her mind. She developed her abilities when she could, but they were far from the forefront of her mind. Middle school was dull, and only in high school did that change.

She is, however, a transfer student; she technically started on the first day of the semester, but she hasn’t spent much time there yet. Even her lack of motivation has bounds, however, and she finally started showing up only a few days after the year started.

Name: Firen E. Daniels
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: At a glance, Firen is less noticeable than the computer equipment usually surrounding him. Roughly average height, Firen has neat brown hair that seems enviously compliant to its owners will. He has a lean, albeit athletic, build, one usually clothed in jeans and amusing t-shirts. He always has a sweat shirt with him in colder months, though whether or not he chooses to wear it depends on the current (and in this school, unfortunately variable) temperature of the classroom. He wears rectangular glasses with a faint orange tint when working, though it is uncertain if this is out of necessity or personal choice. Over ear headphones with an attached mic are often around his neck, though they are stowed away when not in imminent use. His green eyes are alert intent upon what is before him, and he has an eternally laid back (even patient) expression. A half smile usually adorns his face when he looks up from his work, though it is one that is very adept at changing to convey a single message; The shit I put up with. A laptop bag, in addition to a backpack, is usually clung across his shoulders or carried in his hand.
Powers: Technopathy, to a degree. He has mental control over data, specifically, and as a result can remotely operate some machines (albeit he has an easier time of it with hands and mind) and possesses an innate understanding of computer systems as a result. The way his brain is “wired” also means his reflexes and thought processes, though not his actual physical attributes, are enhanced.
Abilities: Intelligent student, capable of calculations faster than most, dodgeball master. Firen is also a high-tier programmer, and in his younger days, hacker. He still has the latter skillset, but it isn’t one utilized as much. A highly proficient organizer due to how he thinks, Firen is also something of a heavy multitasker.
Equipment: Firen’s pride and joy (at least the one that’s brought to school) is a behemoth of a laptop that is, if truth be told, portable only in the most literal sense. Its existence is owed to his need for something with more power than any common laptop he could find, but more portability than a desktop. The result is seventeen inch screen, several pound monster that serves his purposes quite well. He also has a high end smartphone, a wireless mouse, and a reserve power cell with enough charge to keep his gadgets running for days. Additionally he carries the usual student loadout of pencils, notebooks, and other such supplies.
Personality: When he was younger, Firen was something of a troublemaker. Not because he meant harm, but simply because he was bored. He mellowed out when he reached high school, his more mischievous behaviors falling (mostly) by the wayside in favor of more interesting endeavors. He tends to be very friendly and personable in conversation, even though he isn’t usually one to seek it out.

Why? Because he is busy ninety percent of the time.
Bio: When he was younger, Firen was something of a troublemaker. Not because he meant harm, but simply because he was bored. His thought processes ensured that school was mostly a vast quantity of unused time, so he found other ways to fill it. Like hacking the teacher’s projector to display funny images instead of the history notes.

When high school started, his time was less unoccupied. Higher end classes with more homework, running the newly founded computer club, working on his on projects, and just generally occupying his time. Most of his more mischievous behaviors vanished along the way, replaced by more productive (and less likely to get him suspended) uses of his time. That is not to say he gave them up entirely. Practical jokes here and there continued, and the first of April was guaranteed to have something planned, but he was overall far less disruptive.

Somehow, his abilities (both organizational and technical) got him dragged along on a student council election. His penchant for digital advertising, as well as his organizational skills, proved to be highly effective. And much to his surprise, he found himself as the student council’s vice president.

Much less to his surprise, the position involved quite a lot of work.

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