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Post by Jetstream Sam on Mon Aug 08, 2011 10:56 pm



Mornings in Kosym are always beautiful, the girl mused, as she walked down the village road. Stopping at the top of a small hill, she gazed across the landscape, taking in the bright blue skies, the golden fields and the rustic little village just behind her, its inhabitants already on the move. Having just passed through the village market, the basket on her arm was filled to the brim with fresh fruits and vegetables, including apples, a favorite treat of a friend of hers.

She was slightly short, with long dark hair and striking grey eyes, clad in a simple white blouse and knee-length skirt. She walked with a serene, content demeanor, obviously enjoying the summer to its fullest. Seeing a familiar home, she sped up into a steady jog.

“Speaking of which,” she continued, approaching the house of her childhood friend, “A certain somebody needs to get up and appreciate it.” Reaching the front door, she gave a solid knock.

The door opened, and she was greeted with a warm smile by a somewhat stout, yet still pretty woman, the mother of her friend and sole caretaker of their house. “Donna! How are you this fine morning?”

“I’m feeling great today,” The brunette answered, walking into the home and setting her basket down on the dining table, and producing a ripe red apple from the load of fruits and veggies. “Is Lucas still asleep?”

Lucas’s mother gave a knowing chuckle. “You know him as well as I do. Just like his father, that one.”

Donna sighed, exasperated at her friend’s behavior. “You’d think he’d be up before anyone else on his birthday, huh?” she asked with a laugh, ascending up the stairs to Lucas’s room.

“Lucas?” she asked, opening the door to her pal’s perpetually unkempt room. Looking in, she walked over to the bed, where a boy about her age was sprawled about his bed, stirring at her arrival.

“C’mon, buddy. Up and at ‘em!” she said with a giggle, tousling the boy’s spiky golden hair. Mumbling something incoherent, the other teen turned away from her, an irritated scowl slowly spreading across his face.

“Aw, c’mon, don’t be like that!” she pouted, which, to her credit elicited the classic response of: “Mrgblh. Go ‘way.” from the boy.

“Come on, Lucas, get up! It’s your 15th birthday, you should be excited! I even bought you some apples!” she said, as the boy slowly rose, rubbing his eyes.

“I am excited,” he grumbled, as sky blue eyes opened and gazed into steely gray. ‘Now wouldya let me sleep?” he asked, yawning, accepting her offered fruit and taking a bite, savoring the flavor.

Donna grinned, having just won their contest of wills. “Well, how do you plan on finishing that if you’re gonna go back to sleep?” she asked, laughing merrily.

“Aw, shuddup.” Lucas grumbled, rising from his bed and stretching. “Now would you at least let me get dressed?” he asked, taking off his white undershirt and placing it inside a drawer.

“Yeah,” she said, exiting the room and closing the door on her way out. She knew she could trust him not to climb back in bed. After all, as hard as it was to wake the guy up, it was even harder to get him to go to sleep.

Minutes later, a much more awake fifteen-year old descended the steps, wearing a red shirt, and navy blue trousers. As he stepping into his well-worn boots, he reached over to the coat rack, donning his light blue jacket.

“Shall we?” he asked, gesturing towards the door with his head. Donna nodded, opening the door and walking out.

“Lets.” She answered, starting off towards the town.
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Post by Jetstream Sam on Tue Aug 09, 2011 12:01 pm

Chapter 1

A boy sat on the bench, outside of the blacksmith’s shop. He was well muscled, being the smith’s son, and therefore striker and general assistant, he’d gotten quite a bit of daily exercise, even without his daily scraps with Lucas.

In his lap, there sat a worn, dirty rag, recently having been used to polish off metal creations until they shone. Glancing at it, he turned the rag over to the slightly cleaner side, and wiped the sweat off his brow.

“Today’s the day.” he said to himself, lazily rolling his neck to look down the road, where he saw Donna and Lucas approach. The girl, seeing him, gave a wave in his direction. He waved back, about to get up and throw away the rag, when he had a better idea. Instead of just throwing it in the bin like always, now was the perfect time to practice his magic.

Concentrating, he closed his eyes and furrowed his brow. Concentrate. Relax. Let the magic flow through you, be its guide. He repeated these thoughts a few times, to make sure he remembered. These words formed the core philosophy of all uses of magic, and, as such, Lucas, Donna, and he made sure to ingrain those words into their heads. After the disaster three years ago, the three had decided to begin studying magic, working themselves to the bone.

He opened his eyes, seeing the rag was now levitating at head height. Gesturing with his hand, he sent it flying into the bin, full of similarly worn rags. Maybe the reason we’re so keen on studying magic was because of that disaster three years ago… True, we might have been able to save those we lost with what we know now, but even so, that’s the past. There’s nothing we can do to change what happened, bring back those who we lost.

He was snapped out of his reverie by the familiar sound of rapid footfalls approaching him. The red-haired boy stood—

“Morning, Will!”

Just in time to block a friendly jab from the charging Lucas. Retaliating with a cross of his own, the boy accepted the invitation to a light, friendly sparring session, the two casually talking to each other as they flowed through techniques.

“So, how’s your birthday been so far?” the taller boy asked, as he sidestepped an attack from Lucas and snapped a front kick towards his gut.

“Good, considering Donna decided to wake me up at some ungodly hour.” Lucas replied, blocking the kick and springing forward, landing two hits on the other boy, one in the gut, the other in the chin. While Will was quite a bit stronger, Lucas was more agile and just a tad faster than his friend, thus coming out on top in many of these mock battles.

“Hey, are you two done?” Donna asked, as there had been a slight lull in the action. She’d taken will’s seat as the boys were sparring, and now looked up at them with expectant eyes.

“Yeah, we’re good.” both said simultaneously, knowing better than to invoke her wrath. Dusting themselves off, they watched, incredulous, as the girl rose, smiled sweetly at them, and walked inside the smithy.

“Uncanny.” Lucas said.

“One moment, she’s threatening you with a look, the next…” Will agreed with a nod, walking in after her. The muscular boy turned to Lucas, beckoning his best friend over.

“C’mon in, I, uh… got a present for you.” He said somewhat awkwardly, scratching the back of his head.

“Really?” Lucas asked, following the taller boy inside and closing the door behind him. Will’s father, a robust man with a bushy mustache and a rugged air to him, greeted his son’s friend with a firm handshake.

“Lucas! How are you, lad? Will just went into the forge room to get you yer present. 15 years old, you’re almost a grown man! Finally time for you three to get yourselves Awakened, right?” he asked, clapping the boy on the back.

“Uh, yeah, we are, aren’t we?” Lucas asked, turning to Donna, he having nearly forgotten about that event entirely. She rolled her eyes and cracked a smile at him, no doubt mentally chiding the boy for his forgetfulness.

“Yeah, we made a decision to get Awakened at the same time, once we were all fifteen.” She explained, giving the golden-haired boy a sidelong glance.

“Mm-hm!” Will cleared his throat, bringing all eyes to him. Holding something behind his back, obviously the present, he spoke.

“Well, uh, as we all know, today’s Lucas’s fifteenth birthday. So, as my gift, Lucas, I give you, uh, this.” He said, seemingly a bit embarrassed as he pulled the object from out behind his back.

Lucas’s eyes widened. In the other boy’s hand, there stood possibly the best gift he’d ever gotten. It was a Longsword, albeit one without anything too decorative, such as jewels or etchings or the like. Sheathed in a simple wood and leather scabbard, with a cruciform crossguard of middling size, and a longish hilt, complete with a leather grip and a weighted pommel, the sword had its own functional beauty, unencumbered by unnecessary decoration.

“Dude, where’d you get this?” Lucas asked, drawing the blade eagerly. It was light and balanced enough to wield one-handed, yet with the hilt long enough to comfortably use a two handed grip, should he feel the need. The boy liked that, versatility was never a downside, at least in his opinion.

“He made it himself,” Will’s father answered for him, a touch of pride in his voice. “What you’ve got there is his first creation to call his own, and I don’t think I need to tell you how hard he’s worked on it.” He said, as his son nodded sheepishly.

“Uh, yeah... It might not be the best sword you’ll come across, bu--”

“Are you kidding? It’s perfect! You’re awesome, bro!” Lucas exclaimed excitedly, returning the blade to its scabbard and strapping it across his back. Oh man, I can’t wait to test this thing out on— he began to think, cutting of the train of thought when a new person opened the door and they heard a familiar, old voice address them.

“Ah. There you kids are. Am I correct in the assumption that now would be a good time?” asked the old sage, Haradyll.

“Yeah, I think we’re good.” Lucas said, as the other two teenagers followed him out the door.

“Now, are you all sure you’re ready for this?” the old man asked, turning to the three.

“Yep!” Donna chirped.

“I’ve been ready.” Will said with a grin.

“I don’t think we could be more ready if we tried, sir.” Lucas said, eyes hardening as he thought back to the disaster three years past.

With an approving nod to each, Haradyll turned and began to walk.

“Well then, let’s go.”
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